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Divorce, Custody, Restraining Orders

I understand that any and all family law proceedings may be emotional and can be hard for anyone to go through.  By having an attorney represent you, you will have the benefit of an attorney speaking on your behalf.  Many people tend to get emotional during the proceedings and are not able to put their emotions aside to deal with the situation in an amicable way.  An attorney may be 

able to counsel you and keep you on track as to the issues and provide you with guidance so that the divorce and/or custody proceedings do not become a tit for tat proceedings.  I also understand in some instances it is nearly impossible.  With that being said, an attorney can guide you in how to proceed in these situations.  As discussed above, this area of law is a difficult time for everyone involved. Please contact my office for a consultation regarding your family law matters.




Personal Injury, Tort Actions, Landlord/Tenant issues, Guardianships, and Name change

Civil actions are just as important as any other type of law. In this instance, a judgment may affect a party’s credit as well as affecting the party’s income. Civil litigation can be a lengthy process. It is important to have an attorney represent you that understands your stake in the litigation and he importance of bringing or defending the civil matter at hand.


The unlawful detainer process (eviction) is an expedited process that a landlord must bring against a tenant who refuses to move-out. The Landlord-tenant laws are very complicated, and one mistake may cause your case to be dismissed. The unlawful detainer process requires various tedious timelines to be met. It is best to have an attorney to assist you in the matter in order to have the tenant removed from the premises at the earliest possible time and in order to make sure that all laws are followed to avoid additional court costs and fees.

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